Sunday, May 9, 2010

How to make a medicine ball

1. Get yourself a cheap $5 ball from walmart or canadian tire. Slice it once and then cut into one side to make a flap

2. Tape back the flaps. I filled it with ground stone, which was wet. it makes it heavier. I used just a measuring cup to put it right inside. I also used sand, which flows better because it is dry. I used a pitcher to pour that in

3. Make sure you shake it frequently and pack it tightly

4. This pitcher worked well to pour the sand in 

5. Once it's as full as you can get with the flaps open....cut a piece of duct tape and put rubber glue on the tape and the two flaps that were previously taped back

6. This is the flaps taped. Next you want to get as much sand in there as possible. It's best to kind of shift the sand to one side and then use a spoon to get more in

7. Repeat the glue / tape process for the original slit in the ball. Then take duct tape and wrap it around cris cross over the glued area.

8. Continue wrapping duct tape until the ball is covered twice. I used different colours just so you can see how I did it.

9.Once it's covered in duct tape you need to cover it in cloth hockey tape so it doesn't slide out of your hand when you're using it.

10. Ta Da! Finished product. Weighs about 20lbs! 

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