Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Squat swing lunge

This exercise is brutal when done in a circuit with burpees and lateral BOSU squat hops. Stay low throughout the movement...your quads will be screaming at you in no time. Establish a rhythm and your balance on the first couple of reps....brace yourself with your abs and keep your core tight. Because of the explosive movement backwards combined with the swing, if you are not tight you will arch your back too much. Also the same reason this movement should not be done with any type of shoulder injury.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Medicine ball woodchop.

Done correctly, your weight should be over your heels, as you would for a squat, heels remain on the ground, knees in line with your feet, twisting through the waist, not at the knees.

Injuries, Tabatas & Beer

So...it's tweleve noon on sunday...technically I could have beer if I wanted...but I really haven't had it yet. I just put it in the title because it sounds so yummy.

I am feeling completely frustrated at the moment. My entire body is breaking down and preventing me from any quality training. Currently I am sporting and/or rehabbing a dislocated shoulder joint, stress fractures in my shins, strained external oblique, slipped disc (which isn't giving me too much problems at the moment thank God), still having grip issues from my previously broken hand, falred up left elbow tendonitis, and something funky is going on with my left knee.

I can't run, do any plyometrics, run stairs, no olympic lifting or overhead pressing and deadlifting is hit and miss. ARGH! And what I do do has to be light or done for very short periods of time. So finding training that I can do that is effective enough for me is pissing me off lol.

I have been doing tabatas at home in place of sprinting or stair running. Even 20seconds of jumping jacks cause pain in my shin and my shoulder pops out with ever swing overhead lol...I look like a complete cripple trying to train.

So here's what I did today...these were far from max intensity nor were they done at proper speed but I still feel worked and it's better than not training at all!

Tabatas = 20s work : 10s rest x 8 rounds

Series 1:

Step run, lead with right
Step run, lead with left
Jumping jacks

Series 2:

Kettlebell swing
Med ball mountain climber
Med ball stability ball crunch
Seated Med ball twise

Series 3:

Stability ball jackknife
Kettlebell snatch, right arm
Med ball split squat jumps
Kettlebell snatch, left arm

Series 4:

Stationary lunge with Kettlebell press, right arm
Med ball burpee
Stationary lunge with kettlebell press, left arm
Med ball burpee

I always save the best for last. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go down some arnica, slater myself with traumeel and sit in a vat of ice. Later!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes, Tabatas & Beer

Oh what an exciting day! We had an earthquake....in Ontario! So crazy. I didn't even feel it :( I was driving. I feel so ripped off. It's all anyone is talking about and I was right here and I didn't feel a damn thing! Within an hour there was a facebook page "I survived the quake of 2010" ...lmfao, we're such geeks. Like as a nation I mean.

So with that came tornado and thunderstorm warnings. WTF...I had to cancel bootcamp. I skipped cardio at the gym because we were going to run the 100 steps in Guelph. GRRR. So I did some tabats in my living room to compensate.

I didn't want too many strength moves because it was supposed to be in place of cardio so most of it is just jumping around. Here's what I did:

20s work : 10s rest, 8 rounds

Series 1:

Kettlebell Swing
Step run, lead with left 1st rnd and switch on 2nd
Push up
Double crunch with med ball

Series 2:

MB woodchop left
MB woodchop right
Jumping jacks
Lateral double hop

Series 3:

Step run, lead with left
Step run, lead with right
Jumping jacks.

Dripping with sweat. Tonight's beer totally justified.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day

Frog Hops - Got these from Zuzana
Monkey Pushups - Also from Zuzana
Band Ab Pulldowns
Bulgarian Squat with Overhead Press
Med Ball Bench Slam & Hopovers
Band Squat & Row

40 seconds at each station, repeat circuit 3-4 times with 60 second rest between circuits.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Berry Omelet

Sweet Berry Omelet

6oz liquid egg whites
splash of light cream
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
sliced strawberries or whole blueberries

Beat eggs with cream, vanilla and cinnamon and add a dash of Splenda. Cook in pan like an omelet and when almost done, add berries down the middle with another sprinkle of Splenda. Flip one side over to continue to cook. When done, sprinkle top with a little more cinnamon and Splenda. 

So yum! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Workout of the day

Spent friday at the park with Denise after getting booted from my former gym...apparently I'm a threat to their clientele. This was a pretty hard series, especially in the heat, but I still felt like I needed more so I went to the gym about an hour later for weights and cardio lol. I was rewarded by my retardedness with a groin pull....so sweet :-/

No rest, 40 sec timed intervals:

Burpee squat & press
Med ball explosive push up
TRX horizontal pullup
Double squat thrust, close & wide

4 sets

No rest, 40 sec timed intervals:

Bulgarian squat with DB clean
Squat to row
Alternating step ups
TRX pushups
Med ball plank lunges

3 sets

The Ass Backward Food Industry

Having just watched Food, INC and then coming across this article where they are paying people to lose weight....it really just blows my mind how ass-fucking-backwards this society is. How about making good healthy food more affordable in the first place so that chips, fast food and pop aren't the only option for lower income families. They go to extensive, costly lengths to make more food, cheaper (and subsequently less healthy)....all these manufactured and genetically modified foods end up being extremely cheap compared to whole foods...lower income families live on this shit and then 'they' end up having to pay people to lose weight, pay for their ill health, set up costly education programs and the whole damn cycle is just ridiculous. I'm really blown away by the conflicts of interest by which this industry is run. That movie was a definite eye opener.