Monday, June 20, 2011

I love Tabatas

A solid hour of tabata training. Ass. Kicked. I wanted to do the second class as well but I forgot my timer at the studio so I had to count rounds. GRRRR.

Here’s what we did:

2 exercises, 10 rounds each, 20 seconds work, 15 seconds recovery. I had 3 groups of 3 running. Each group did 3 separate sets of exercises:

Group 1

KB Swing —-> Burpees
BB Clean and Press —-> Speed box jumps
Woodchop —-> Step Jumping Jacks

Group 2

DB Squat & Press —-> DL Burpee
Spiderman Pushups —-> KB Swing
TRX Jump Squat —-> DB Row

Group 3

TRX Pullup —-> Lateral Lunge Touchdowns
DB Snatch —-> Drivestep
Renegade Row —-> Single Leg Romanians Touchdowns

Now that’s what you call fun!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Greek Yogurt - Everyone's jumping on the greek yogurt bandwagon

I'm guessing that Greeek Yogurt is the newest food trend as I've seen a ton of new brands making it now. However, they are pretty much a failed immitation of the real thing. What makes greek yogurt so special, besides the very thick texture, is the diet-friendly macronutrient breakdown. Liberte, the *original brand that everyone is now imitating, has 18g of protein, 7g carbs, and 110calories per 175g serving for the plain. Now, plain yogurt is pretty tangy and some might say gross, however, that nutrient breakdown is completely worth it.

The flavoured, although much higher in carbs/sugars, is still fat free and almost as high in protein as the plain. For the same serving size, it carries 170calories, 16g of protein and 24g of carbs. Still a viable option as a healthy well rounded meal, especially if you mix the plain and the flavoured half and half....essentially adding some flavour while lowering the carb content overall.

Now....I have seen recently other brands coming out with their own greek yogurt however, I think the only thing they are worried about is the "thickness" of the yogurt, and not the macro nutrient breakdown. Astro's new greek yogurt has the following nutrient breakdown for 125g serving: 200calories, 13g fat, 8g carbs, 10g of protein....and that's for the plain. The flavoured is sure to be higher in calories as it will have added sugar. Obviously not a good alternative to the Liberte at all. I saw another brand with an even worse breakdown but I didn't make note of the name and I forget it now.

Presidents Choice makes a new greek yogurt and, while it's isn't quite as good as Liberte, it's an acceptable alternative. At 175g serving it's got 120calories, 12g carbs, 18g protein and no fat for the plain. While the flavoured for the same serving size has 173calories, 28g carbs and 16g protein. Very similar to the the Liberte for sure. sum sure you're reading your nutrition labels and getting a fat free, high protein, low carb greek yogurt. The only brands I recommend to my clients that I have seen available in Canada so far is Liberte and PC brands.

* I don't know if it's actually *THE* original brand in Canada but it's all I can remember seeing before it became the newest trend in yogurt.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tire Push Pull - Kitchener Waterloo Bootcamp

Here's me doing a Tire Push and Pull at the studio in Kitchener after a bootcamp class. So much fun!