Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shoulder is down and out for the count!

Well I'm in a huge funk right now because I injured myself and can't train. I was demo-ing a plank toe touch and my shoulder popped out...it was already pretty unstable and I had just done some olympic lifting so it was pretty tired too. Such a stupid thing. I'm pissed.

But...on a good note, while training before killing my shoulder, I hit a 10lb PR on squats and it was easy...woot woot.

I was so bored today, not being able to train, not working 10 hrs a day...grrr. On the upside...I did get some work done, got a facebook ad running which has been pretty good so far. I am hoping I will get my Precision Nutrition texts tomorrow....at least then I can study.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weekend

Well...my weekend was crazy. I crashed my former place of employments Staff Appreciation party...was lots of fun. Miss those people lots! Had a great time. But spent the entire next day curled in the fetal position on the couch, nursing a terrible hangover. Managed to drag my ass off the couch long enough to go eat bacon and waffles for breakkie.....how's that for a motivational personal trainer LOL.

Am back on the clean eats and no drinks bandwagon. Until the girl's show, then I will have a cheat with them to celebrate. First show and all they are having a rough time with the last couple weeks. But everyone is making tremendous progress and still moving forward. Just gotta keep their heads in the game!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am rocking training lately

I didn't write my training yesterday and now I forget what I did. Oh well. training today was pretty good. I need my body to recover faster. I'm training a lot and have tons of energy and motivation to do it...plus teaching bootcamp 4x a week...I really want my body to keep up with me lol. But I'm so stiff and sore. This can't be from being old can it?

I did half assed conditioning yesterday, lots of skipping...so I needed to take it easy today cause my shins and ankles are feeling it. It actually feels like I rolled my right ankle but I didn't...so weird.


Bent BB Row,PG 4x6

Incline DB Press, 4x6

Seated Cable Row, 3x10

Straight arm lat pull, 3x10

15 min balls to the wall elliptical
15 min less balls to the wall bike.....legs were pretty tired at that point lol

Weight has not changed one freaking bit but I *look* like I am getting leaner. Who knows. Grrrr

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hells yeah!

Ok...I should have gone to the gym today but I wanted to get some work done on the site and I ended up registering for Berardi's new Nutrition Cert. I'm so excited. I can't wait to get the materials and get started! It's do or die now people. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well fuck

My awesomeness didn't last long. Must've been that glass of wine. Gym sucked. Pissy mood. Right back to being my old self, complete with a hate-on for everything that exists. I stopped by chapters on my way to drop my daughter off for what I think was a date (grrr) and of course checked out the fitness/health section. Randy jackson has a diet book out. Really? He's a nutrition expert now? Some things just blow my mind. If Randy Jackson can write a book on dieting, I sure as hell can. Irritating.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


OMG I already caved and I'm having a glass of wine. LOL loser.

I forgot to post that I have found a place to personal train! I am so stoked...this place is an actual conditioning centre, as opposed to a personal training studio....3 squat racks and weights on rubber matting and grass turf with sleds on the other side. So awesome!

I still feel awesome...WTF

LOL I really don't know why...it must be cause I haven't had alcohol in a while. I have so much energy my friend is telling me to drink cause I'm wearing her out..haha. I'm not though...I'm loving the energy, and I'm also saving it for next weekend cause I have a party to crash!

Training was great again today. We did conditioning. Loving it. Diet has been on, although I just went to Healthy Haven and found Irish Cream Cheese Fudge....OMG...evill heaven! And I'm BBQing some burgers....I put ground flax and lots of veggies in them, wish I had some low carb buns though. I'm not really a fan of dead cow but I can handle it grilled sometimes. Are you supposed to squish out the juice of the burger? I dunno but I always do. NO BEER. It might kill me :-/

This is how I kicked ass in the gym today:

Clean/front squat,
Plyo MB Pushup,
DB Snatch,
BOSU explosive lateral squat...no rest, 4 sets.

Then BB snatch/overhead squat,
Single leg RDL,
Step jumping jacks,
MB hip drive,
Spiderman pushup on BOSU...no rest 3 sets.

Outta time. Ass. Kicked.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I feel awesome today!

Wow...I usually feel like utter crap but I had so much energy today to train. I'm in a great mood too, also rare. Did conditioning today, this is what I did:

Stability Ball Chest Press
Bent BB Row
Box Jump

4 sets no rest between exercises, 90 seconds between series.

Burpee, pushup, squat and press
Explosion squat
Speed Stepup
Med ball slams

3 sets no rest between exercises, 90 seconds between series.

Then did 20 minutes of balls to the wall cardio. I think I was foaming at the mouth. So hot.

Then I went home and haven't stopped sneezing WTF.

Now I'm off to meet the girls for posing practice!