Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well fuck

My awesomeness didn't last long. Must've been that glass of wine. Gym sucked. Pissy mood. Right back to being my old self, complete with a hate-on for everything that exists. I stopped by chapters on my way to drop my daughter off for what I think was a date (grrr) and of course checked out the fitness/health section. Randy jackson has a diet book out. Really? He's a nutrition expert now? Some things just blow my mind. If Randy Jackson can write a book on dieting, I sure as hell can. Irritating.


  1. Wait....didn't Randy Jackson have gastric Bypass surgery??

  2. omg....he did? That makes me even more grrrr

  3. If it is the What's up dawg Randy Jackson of American Idol ...then yes he did.