Saturday, April 10, 2010

I still feel awesome...WTF

LOL I really don't know must be cause I haven't had alcohol in a while. I have so much energy my friend is telling me to drink cause I'm wearing her out..haha. I'm not though...I'm loving the energy, and I'm also saving it for next weekend cause I have a party to crash!

Training was great again today. We did conditioning. Loving it. Diet has been on, although I just went to Healthy Haven and found Irish Cream Cheese Fudge....OMG...evill heaven! And I'm BBQing some burgers....I put ground flax and lots of veggies in them, wish I had some low carb buns though. I'm not really a fan of dead cow but I can handle it grilled sometimes. Are you supposed to squish out the juice of the burger? I dunno but I always do. NO BEER. It might kill me :-/

This is how I kicked ass in the gym today:

Clean/front squat,
Plyo MB Pushup,
DB Snatch,
BOSU explosive lateral rest, 4 sets.

Then BB snatch/overhead squat,
Single leg RDL,
Step jumping jacks,
MB hip drive,
Spiderman pushup on rest 3 sets.

Outta time. Ass. Kicked.

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