Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am rocking training lately

I didn't write my training yesterday and now I forget what I did. Oh well. training today was pretty good. I need my body to recover faster. I'm training a lot and have tons of energy and motivation to do teaching bootcamp 4x a week...I really want my body to keep up with me lol. But I'm so stiff and sore. This can't be from being old can it?

I did half assed conditioning yesterday, lots of I needed to take it easy today cause my shins and ankles are feeling it. It actually feels like I rolled my right ankle but I didn' weird.


Bent BB Row,PG 4x6

Incline DB Press, 4x6

Seated Cable Row, 3x10

Straight arm lat pull, 3x10

15 min balls to the wall elliptical
15 min less balls to the wall bike.....legs were pretty tired at that point lol

Weight has not changed one freaking bit but I *look* like I am getting leaner. Who knows. Grrrr

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