Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Kitchener Studio opening January 3rd. Fat Loss Challenge starts Jnauary 10 in Kitchener and Guelph

Check the newest video for Strength Powered Fitness and Bootcamp in Kitchener and Guelph. Fat loss challenge starts January 10th in Kitchener and Guelph. Early bird registration ends January 3rd. Start the new year with fitness and losing weight!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fat Loss Challenge - Kitchener And Guelph

We recently had our first fat loss challenge in kitchener and guelph. It was a great experience for both myself and all the participants. The challenge was 21 days long. Participants had to attend 3 bootcamps a week and were given a healthy, well balanced meal plan to follow. We weighed in and measured once a week. The goal was to lose 10lbs in 21 days in a healthy manner.

As a collective whole, out of 21 people in 21 days, 120lbs was lost and 154 inches were lost. What amazing results. I am so proud of everyone!

Here's the top 3 winners:

D. Laidlaw - 12.2lbs lost and 15.5 total inches lost.

Miroki T: 32hrs 45m cardio completed

Jill F: 9.2lbs lost, 9inches lost, 7hrs cardio completed

The next one starts in January. Stay tuned for more info!

And here's what people said about the challenge:

Leah, thanks so much for a great challenge! I enjoyed it and am still using the
meal plan. Looking forward to another challenge in January. Looks like there
were some great numbers and some really hard work! L.A.

Thanks for the inspiration today! The motivation is greatly appreciated to keep
everything into perspective. L.A.

Thanks im really proud of myself. I did pretty good considering I could never stick to a diet. I dont even look at this meal plan as a diet anyway, because I'm eating all the foods I like and I'm not starving myself. M.Ch - 10.4lbs lost, 10.25 inches lost, 23 hrs cardio completed

I think one thing you should add to your profile is that your a great motivator! Thanks so much for the great words of encouragment... I.K

Congrats to everyone in Kitchener and Guelph for particpating. You did a great job on the fat loss challenge!