Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes, Tabatas & Beer

Oh what an exciting day! We had an Ontario! So crazy. I didn't even feel it :( I was driving. I feel so ripped off. It's all anyone is talking about and I was right here and I didn't feel a damn thing! Within an hour there was a facebook page "I survived the quake of 2010" ...lmfao, we're such geeks. Like as a nation I mean.

So with that came tornado and thunderstorm warnings. WTF...I had to cancel bootcamp. I skipped cardio at the gym because we were going to run the 100 steps in Guelph. GRRR. So I did some tabats in my living room to compensate.

I didn't want too many strength moves because it was supposed to be in place of cardio so most of it is just jumping around. Here's what I did:

20s work : 10s rest, 8 rounds

Series 1:

Kettlebell Swing
Step run, lead with left 1st rnd and switch on 2nd
Push up
Double crunch with med ball

Series 2:

MB woodchop left
MB woodchop right
Jumping jacks
Lateral double hop

Series 3:

Step run, lead with left
Step run, lead with right
Jumping jacks.

Dripping with sweat. Tonight's beer totally justified.

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