Saturday, January 17, 2009

A fitness challenge

I am involved in a fitness challenge until april '09....the goal for me being to lose about 10 lbs but more importantly...STICK W/ THE CHALLENGE....I generally fall off the wagon when I get busy or tired cause of work and tend to throw whatever is convenient in my piehole. That's gotta stop!

So...I'm back on....I'd say my week ended up about 70/30 on/off.....not so bad but I clearly still LACK DISCIPLINE. My diet has been ok...even when eating less than stellar things, my overall cals were w/in range. However....I have noticed that for me to lose any doesn't really matter how low I go on calories, I have to move more....this is pretty difficult sometimes since a) I'm already moving lots and b) I'm fkn tired because I'm already constantly moving! Is this a getting older thing? Cause it fucking sucks!

Last time I checked the scale was down 2lbs and my waist .5's the only thing I've measured and I haven't even had a chance to take pics yet ....that was at the beginning of the week...I feel leaner this morning but can't check the scale cause I keep forgetting to move it and my BF is sleeping in there

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